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Free MLK Design from The Sulky Embroidery Club

Growing up in the Atlanta area meant that I had the privilege of learning about the great work that Martin Luther King, Jr., did for civil rights first hand. I remember my amazing mama taking me to the Magnolia Room and explaining to me that Dr. King had been arrested in this very restaurant just because of the color of his skin. I have had the honor to go to Ebenezer Baptist Church and explore the King Center. He was an amazing man and we are all indebted to him for the work he did. All too often, Dr. King is seen as a harsh contentious man, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you listen to his messages and learn about his life, he was all about love and peace.

To honor this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, The Sulky Embroidery Club has turned my favorite MLK quote into an embroidery design and we are offering it free on the Sulky Embroidery Club site. I hope this blesses you as it has me.


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