Trio of Heart Ornaments
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Trio of Heart Ornaments to Sew


Trio of Heart Ornaments Pattern Cover

Heart ornaments are fun additions to a Christmas tree before or after the holiday season, taking you right into Valentine’s Day. They also make great little gifts, paired with a chocolate or flower of choice. Designed by Aimee Davis, of daisyeyeshandmade, created these adorable felt trio of heart ornaments, which you can string together or create as separate hanging hearts.



The Trio of Heart Ornaments pattern is all done by hand; including the heart construction. This makes it easy to use the same thread for both the hand embroidery accents, appliqué and finishing.

However, a sewing machine is easily used in lieu of handwork. Either use the same 12 wt. Cotton Petites Thread per the pattern, or swap it for 30 wt. Cotton Thread. If using 12 wt. Thread in the machine, use a much lighter weight thread in the bobbin, such as Sulky 60 wt. Polylite. And, use a size 100/16 Needle so the needle eye accommodates the thread thickness. If using 30 wt. Thread, choose a size 90/14 Needle paired with 60 wt. Polylite Thread.

Experiment with different decorative stitches to secure the appliqués. Choose from blanket stitches, serpentine stitches, floral motifs and more. Test-stitch any new stitch that’s unfamiliar to you before stitching the final appliqués, to ensure the finished result is desirable.

If not connecting the heart ornaments, as shown, create individual hanging loops for each heart. Fold 4″ lengths of the twine in half and pin to the heart upper edges, aligning raw edges; pin. Then baste before stitching the back heart to the front.

heart ornaments strung together

Have fun creating these hearts and gifting them to special someones for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and more! Personalize them further with a name or monogram for an extra special touch.



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