heart bookmark
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Heart Bookmark with Conver”sew”tion Heart Embroidery

Heart Bookmark

Heart Bookmark finished on book

with Sulky Conver”sew”tion Heart Embroidery

These heart bookmark corners make great Valentine’s Day gifts. Personalize them with the Sulky Conver”sew”tion Heart machine embroidery designs, in either the “modern” or “traditional” style. The full embroidery collection includes 20 designs (10 of each style), or purchase only the modern or traditional style. The Machine Embroidery Palette includes all 20 designs and 10 spools of Sulky Rayon Thread needed to stitch out the collection.

Heart Bookmark Embroideries

This makes a great kid’s craft to keep little ones busy during winter break from school, too! Have them choose the embroidery design and teach them to construct the final step with blanket stitches done by hand. Or, if the child is at least 8 years old, teach them the entire project by machine. The featured bookmark was sewn by an 8-year-old gal! It may not be perfect, but she loves it.



Choose one of the heart designs from the Conver”sew”tion Heart Machine Embroidery Collection. Each heart measures approximately 2″ square. Import the design into the embroidery machine.

design on machine screen

Hoop a sheet of Sulky Stiffy Stabilizer with a Sulky Felty sheet, if using a magnetic hoop as shown. If not using a magnetic hoop, hoop the stabilizer only. Then, adhere the Sulky Felty to the hooped stabilizer using KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive.

Place the hoop onto the machine.

hoop on machine for bookmark embroidery

Embroider the design, clipping jump threads with each thread change.

begin heart embroidery design

Use Curved Tip Squeezers to ensure you don’t poke through the Felty or other stitches when trimming.

clipping jump threads on heart

TIP: Try substituting Sulky PolyLite™ Thread for the lettering on the heart. The 60 wt. Thread creates nice, crisp lettering, especially when the letters are small.

When the embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine. Then, remove the Felty from the hoop. Gently tear away the stabilizer beyond the design perimeter.

tearing away stabilizer beyond heart design

Then, clean up the stitches on the wrong side.

If needed, press the Felty gently from the wrong side using a medium temp, dry iron.


Cut the embroidered Felty into a 4″ square, centering the design along the square on point from side corner to side corner, and the heart upper edges about 1/4″ above the centerline between the upper and lower corners. Cut the remaining Felty into another 4″ square.

On the embroidered square, draw two curved lines to represent the upper edges of the heart bookmark.

Trim one quilting-cotton fabric square to match the Felty heart.

fabric cut for bookmark pieces


Place the cotton and Felty hearts right sides together. Stitch the perimeter using a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a 2″ opening along one straight edge for turning.

sewing bookmark

Clip the corner and trim the seam allowance to 1/8″, leaving the opening seam allowance at 1/4″.

trim seam allowances of bookmark

Turn the heart right side out through the opening. Press the heart flat, turning the opening seam allowance toward the wrong side. Clip the opening shut.

Place the remaining cotton fabric and Felty square right sides together, matching all corners and edges. Stitch the perimeter, leaving a 2″ opening along one edge for turning.

Clip the corners, and then turn the square right side out.

Fold the opening seam allowance toward the wrong side; press, and then clip shut.


Topstitch both the square and heart from the Felty side, closing the openings with the stitches.

sewing square

Place the heart on top of the square with the linings facing. Align the lower right corners. Clip the perimeter.

heart bookmark construction

Stitch from the heart curve to the opposite heart curve, about 3/4″ from the upper right and lower left corners. Follow the previous topstitching. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam.

sewing heart bookmark

To use the heart bookmark, slip the heart over the page of a book and keep your place.

using bookmark

TIP: To gift this to a special someone for Valentine’s Day, package it with a book and fill the pocket with a sweet treat!
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