Quilted Christmas Tree
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Quilted Christmas Tree with Thread Options

Quilted Christmas Tree

Quilted Christmas Tree

which thread to use?

A quilted Christmas Tree is a great addition to your holiday décor. Plus, this pattern, O’ Christmas Tree by Material Girl Quilts, is a great canvas for more embellishment, such as Glowy or Metallic Threads, beading, ribbons or rickrack and more. Decorate your finished quilted Christmas Tree however you wish! Or leave it as-is and hang above the mantle.

Which thread to use for this wall hanging is up to you, as there are so many options! However, for the piecing, a lightweight thread, such as Sulky 50 wt. Cotton, is best. This thread is long-staple, high-quality Egyptian Cotton (nothing but the best!). Plus, it almost disappears within the seam allowances, so there are o telltale thread “bumps” when you pass your hand over the finished quilt.

piecing the quilted Christmas Tree wall hanging

The 50 wt. Cotton Thread is also a great choice for the quilting and binding, too. In fact, you could finish this quilted Christmas Tree without ever changing your thread! Just be sure to pair it with a size 70/10 Organ Needle and you’re off to the races. (And be sure to grab a King spool, rather than na 160-yd snap spool) to ensure you dot run out during the project!)

If using the same 50 wt. Cotton Thread for piecing, quilting and binding, choose a neutral color that coordinates with all of the fabric colors. For the featured sample, Light Putty was used, which picked up the gray, cream and green shades in the fabrics.

quilting with 50 wt. Cotton Thread

But, wouldn’t it be fun to put your own personal spin on this project by adding fun special effects with thread? Here are some ideas:

Sulky 30 wt. Blendables Thread

Using a heavier weight thread for the quilting will make your quilting stitches stand out more. After all, you’re spending all that time quilting the piece – you might as well show it off!

Sulky 30 wt. Cotton Blendables® Thread is randomly dyed. So every 2 1/2″ to 5″ there is a color change. For a quilted Christmas Tree wall hanging, such as this, with straight line quilting spaced about 1″ apart, there will be no repeating color patterns!

The color Parchment is a great choice, as it blends well with the background fabrics.

thread for Quilted Christmas Tree wall hanging

This thicker thread requires a size 90/14 Organ Needle so the needle eye is large enough to accommodate the thread weight.

Sulky Glowy Thread

Sulky Glowy Thread is so much fun! After quilting with 50 wt. Thread in the featured diamond pattern, try adding rows of Glowy to the Christmas Tree only – to look like strings of lights. When the lights go off, the tree will glow!

This thread also requires a size 90/14 Needle, and a lighter weight bobbin thread, such as a 60 wt. PolyLite or Bobbin, is recommended. However, Glowy can also be used in the bobbin, if you want the back of the quilt to also glow! Just be sure to wind the bobbin at half speed and only about halfway.

Note that the intensity of fluorescence depends on the length of time the thread has been exposed to light. The glow lasts approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on the length of exposure. Tests have shown no loss of luminosity after 50 washings! How cool is that?

Metallic Christmas Tree Accents

Sulky Original Metallic Thread is also a fun choice for quilting the Christmas Tree itself. Choose Christmas Green Metallic Thread to outline the Christmas Tree triangles, and then come in with specks of red, blue, white and yellow to mimic tree lights.

Metallic Thread also requires a size 90/14 Organ Needle, and you may find the addition of a Thread Director will help you sew this thread with ease. The Thread Director helps the thread wind off of the spool in a horizontal orientation facing the needle, reducing twists, turns and breakage.

If you have machine embroidery capabilities, look for small micro motifs that look like Christmas ornaments! Sprinkle them throughout the green portion of the tree to add more embellishment before the final quilting is complete. Choose elements of the designs to stitch in Metallic Thread, while keeping the main portions of the designs in Rayon or Poly Deco.

Quilted Christmas Tree Tips & Tricks

Once you’ve determined the thread type(s) you’d like to sue for your Christmas Tree wall hanging, prep your fabrics. There are a TON of triangles to cut for this featured pattern, so if you choose this pattern I highly suggest creating a triangle template. Use cardboard or template plastic so you can get an accurate cut every time. And don’t be convinced (by your inner demons!) to cut through more than two fabric thicknesses at a time!

cutting out triangles for quilted Christmas

Arrange your fabric triangles on a large flat work surface. See what happens when you swap the colors across rows. The pattern doesn’t have a hard and fast rule about which color value goes where (unless it’s to decipher tree from background), so you’re really the designer here.

arranging fabrics

Once satisfied with the color placement and look of the project, begin piecing the rows, per the pattern.

stitching rows

Then stitch the rows together. A 1/4″ foot is a great tool to use for this project, if you happen to have one. If not, place a piece of Washi or masking tape on your sewing machine bed, and then abut the fabric edge against the tape to ensure perfect seam allowances across rows.

Quilted Christmas Tree Finishing

Once you get to the binding, you’re almost there! I love a polka-dot binding, but you can easily swap another print from the green triangles used for the Christmas Tree. Or bind the project in one of the white prints for a more subtle look.

binding the Christmas Tree wall hanging

Clover Wonder Clips are my absolute go-to needed tool when binding anything.

hand your finished quilted Christmas Tree in your sewing room for a bit of holiday cheer, gift it to a friend, or hang it above the mantle with your holiday décor. Despite all the cutting and piecing needed, this comes together rather quickly while listening to Christmas tunes!

finished quilted Christmas Tree

If you make this pattern, share your take on the project on our Sulky Stitch ‘n Post Facebook Group! We’d love to see what you create!

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