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Sallie Tomato Scarlett Bag in Plums & Purples

Sallie Tomato Scarlett Bag

sulky plums and purples floral scarlett bag - sallie tomato pattern

reimagined in plums & purples

The Sallie Tomato Scarlett Bag, designed un collaboration with Sulky, is easily transformed from a casual everyday bag into a luxurious high-end bag simply by swapping the fabrics. In our Legacy Webinar, Hobo Cork Bag, we presented the Sallie Tomato Scarlett pattern in cork fabric with sparkly machine embroidery on the flap. Watch how easy it is to create a totally different bag using the same pattern!


For this version of the Sallie Tomato Scarlett bag, swap canvas fabric for the cork outer pieces. The lining is a quilting cotton in a coordinating color and the cork is a lavender shade, which goes with the NEW Sulky Plums & Purples 50 wt. Cotton Thread Palette for Quilting!

Featured canvas & lining fabrics are from the Sundown fabric collection by Cotton+Steel. 

sallie tomato scarlett supplies

Grab the digital Scarlett pattern and plan your supplies according to the Plums & Purples version seen here, or choose your own fabric combo. We have a number of thread palettes that coordinate with seasons, color families and themes to make things easier to match.

In addition to the supplies listed on the Scarlett pattern guidesheet, consider grabbing a Clover Hot Ruler. This nifty tool helps create crisp foldlines, which are very helpful when creating the inner pocket! The ruler is heat resistant, so you can fold the fabric right over it and press with loads of steam to set the folds.

using Clover Hot Ruler

If adding a fleece interlining, try securing the pieces using Sulky KK 2000™ Temporary Spray Adhesive. This creates a temporary bond that is strong and much easier than using pins. The spray is air-soluble, so it dissipates over the course of 24-48 hours, leaving no gummy residue on the fabric, pins or needles.

using KK 2000


Instead of machine embroidery on the flap, this version is quilted. Choose a few coordinating thread colors or just one, depending on your preference, and highlight the fabric motifs on the outer fabric using stitches. Plot your quilting lines using a clear ruler and Sulky Chalk Marker.

marking quilting lines

If you happen to have a laser light function on your sewing machine, this is also super helpful to achieve straight quilting lines during stitching.

quilting the outer scarlett bag

Use the same thread in the needle and bobbin and a size 70/10 Organ® Universal Needle when working with 50 wt. Cotton Thread.

finished quilting on bag

Once the quilting is complete on the outer bag front and back, follow suit with the outer flap piece. Instead of adhering the fleece interlining to the flap lining, fuse it to the outer piece before quilting so there’s an extra layer to aid in quilting.

finished quilting on flap

TIP: If using a directional print, be mindful of the direction when cutting and placing the print along the flap, center front and center back to ensure desired results.

After quilting, continue assembling the bag per the pattern directions. A zipper foot is helpful when stitching the flap, as it helps the foot stay away from the attached magnetic snap.

stitching flap to scarlett front


Choose a no-fray fabric for the strap and tassel. Faux leather or cork fabric both add a professional finish to the bag. Mark the tassel strips on the fabric wrong side and use a rotary cutter or sharp scissors to cut the fringe.

making tassel for scarlett bag

Enjoy your Scarlett bag, and be sure to watch the Legacy Webinar to learn all the construction tips from Sallie Tomato founder and designer, Jessica Barrera! Plus, if you’d like to embroider the flap in lieu of quilting, you’ll learn all the how-tos for that process to make a bag that’s unique to you. Cork Sallie Tomato Scarlett kits are available in either Cardinal (red) or Charcoal so you can grab one up at a great price.

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