• paper pieced heart quilt tutorial

    Paper Pieced Heart Quilt for Valentine’s Day & Beyond

    Paper Pieced Heart Quilt designed by Kelly Nagel Create a paper pieced heart quilt featuring heart appliques. This quilt is perfect for Valentine’s Day decor, a Mother’s Day gift or any time you want to express your love! Quilt Overview The hearts in this quilt are created with Sulky Paper Solvy™. This stabilizer comes in 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets and can be run through your printer to transfer paper piecing patterns. Sew right through the paper and fabrics, and then wash away the stabilizer completely when piecing is complete! No more picking paper pieces out of small seams or intricate patterns! Another removal method, used for this quilt, is…

  • Laser Cut Applique Kits New

    Laser Cut Appliqué Wall Art Kits for Summer Décor

    Laser cut appliqués are the coolest thing in appliqué! These precut pieces allow you to put together seemingly intricate appliquéd projects in a mere fraction of the time, cutting (pun intended) out the tedious cutting, trimming and recutting needed in most cases for a layered appliqué project, such as our Summer Simply Appliqué scene. HOW LASER CUT APPLIQUE WORKS This pattern comes with a layout sheet to aid in layering the laser cut appliqué pieces properly to achieve a beautiful end result. Use a nonstick pressing sheet to place each piece and fuse the layers in order. A lightweight table-top lightbox is also SUPER helpful for this process. Tweezers also…

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