Christmas in the Hoop
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Christmas in the Hoop with Sweet Pea Webinar

Join our FREE Christmas in the Hoop with Sweet Pea webinar!

Creating ornaments and gift tags for Christmas in the hoop of your embroidery machine is an easy way to decorate and celebrate the holidays! Register now to reserve your spot and attend on December 3, 2019 at 2pm US EST. Don’t worry – if you can’t make, it’s available to watch on-demand after the live date!

christmas in the hoop gift tag styles


In this webinar, you’ll learn all about in-the-hoop designs from Martyn Smith, who helps create and test the designs for Sweet Pea embroidery. Martyn will take you through the entire process of making not one, but TWO fun Christmas in the hoop designs: a snowflake ornament and a gift tag (available in three styles).

christmas in the hoop

The same thread palette works for all of the designs. Plus, the kit for this webinar includes the thread palette as well as the stabilizer and needles you’ll need to complete everything with professional results. Special deals are available on the day of the webinar, so be sure to register to not only get live, real-time instruction but also to get access to the special deals!

Both Christmas in the hoop projects are made with Sulky Ultra Solvy in the hoop. This stabilizer washes away completely when the projects are complete, leaving no trace. Plus it’s heavy enough to support all the thread and stitching. Be sure to stock up on this stabilizer to have enough for several stitchouts.

These Christmas in the hoop projects are great last-minute gifts because they can be done assembly-line style all in the hoop of your embroidery machine. Simply press “start” and switch thread colors when directed by the machine. Combine several gift tags in one hooping to complete a few at the same time! Gift the snowflake ornaments to teachers, friends and neighbors. Family members near and far will love having the same ornament on their trees, too! You’ll get all the design files needed during the live webinar event! Yes, that’s right!

snowflake ornament


Sweet Pea joined us for the In-the-Hoop Scissor Case webinar, which is still available for viewing. The kit is available too–this project makes a great gift for a sewing friend! The kit comes with enough fabric, scissors, thread, D-rings, ribbon for BOTH sizes as well as in-the-hoop scissor case design files, too. Either gift the kit itself, or make the project to give with a new small or large pair of shiny scissors tucked inside.

scissor case in the hoop


Join us for the webinar on December 3, 2019 at 2pm US EST. We’ll “see” you there!

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I am the Director of Content for Sulky of America. The former Editor in Chief of Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery magazines, I hosted Sew it All TV on PBS for nine seasons. I've appeared on It's Sew Easy on PBS, DIY Network's Uncommon Threads, Hallmark's Marie Osmond Show, MacPhee Workshop and more! Come sew with me!


    • Ellen March

      Hi Jacqueline,
      This is a webcast, not an in-person event. As long as you have an internet connection, you can join us!

  • Frances DiDomenico

    I have signed up for a couple webinars and have not gotten confirmation. I did not get a notification on “Christmas in the Hoop with Sweet Pea Webinar”,by Ellen March.. or if it was starting. I have not had a problem before. Its like I am not recognized. Yet I get notices of the webinars.

    Frances DiDomenico

    • Ellen March

      Hi Francis,
      The webinar is on 12/3/19 at 2pm EST. You should get a reminder email before the event. When you navigate to the page, it probably will say it hasn’t started yet. If you have further issues, please email

  • Sharon

    I have tried to locate the designs and PDF from the Christmas in the Hoop webinar last week – ornament and gift tags. No luck. I tried immediately after the webinar was over but the links would not work.

    I have also tried to register for the next CITH webinar on 12/3 but am not sure if I was successful or not as the website keeps diverting to another page. Please help. I would very much like to receive the materials before time runs out.

    Thank you.

    • Ellen March

      Hello Sharon,
      The webinar live date is 12/3. You will receive another reminder email with the “new” link for your login with that email. On 12/3, you will be able to access the specials and the design files. We apologize for any confusion. Our rehearsal was captured as a live event by accident, causing much confusion.

  • Julie Irving

    Hi I have tried to register for the webinar using the link you provided, this is the message I get.

    “Entry to the presentation is not yet available. Please come back closer to the scheduled start time. “

  • Barbara White

    My name is Barbara White at I watched the webinar but did not have a chance to download w whatever were to download. It was on the screen and then it disappeared. I didn’t have time to click on the box of freebies either

    • Ellen March

      Hi Barbara,
      The webinar is now available to watch on demand. Once there you can navigate to the Freebies tab to get all of the designs and look around. If you still need assistance, email