holiday stocking with Merry Kris-Mouse palette
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Embroidered Christmas Stocking Personalized In the Hoop

Merry Kris-Mouse Stocking

Embroidered Christmas Stocking

Add a machine embroidery design to an in-the-hoop stocking project to personalize it and add a touch of whimsy. The featured stocking design is FREE and ready to load into your machine. You don’t even need software to add a fun design and name.


Sulky Stabilizers


Stocking Embroidery Designs


For the featured stocking, only the Lining Design is used from the In-the-Hoop Stocking by Pamela Cox. This provides the stocking outline to position more designs within.

Load the Lining Design onto the embroidery machine. Then, load one of the Mouse designs from the Merry Kris-Mouse machine embroidery collection. Position the mouse in the stocking outline on the machine screen. Experiment with placement until the desired position is achieved. The stocking outline is the seamline, so there will be additional seam allowance beyond this line; however, the mouse needs adequate clearance on all sides to avoid being too close to the seams.

By rotating the mouse, it fits better within the stocking. Plus, it then follows the line of the stocking edge.


If desired, add a name to the stocking upper edge, using a built-in font of your choice. Once the name is spelled, combine the letters to make the name stitch out as one design. Reposition the name as desired, to fit above or below the mouse motif. Lastly, select each letter and combine them as one design.


Hoop the Sticky+ with the paper side facing up. Score the paper within the hoop with a straight pin and tear it away to reveal the adhesive.

A rather large hoop is needed to stitch out the stocking outline, which serves as a pattern template moving forward. Make sure the machine arm can move freely during embroidery when using such a large hoop. (The hoop featured above is 360×260).

Cut a rectangle of the outer fabric, whether choosing canvas, denim or wool felt. (Note: The fabric is cut after embroidery.)

Begin the embroidery design. The stocking outline will stitch first, which provides a stitching line to follow when constructing the stocking, as well as a pattern template for cutting out the stocking back and lining pieces.

Continue with the chosen Mouse motif, following the directions in the color sequence chart for the appliqué steps. Use Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive to help secure the appliqué fabrics for embroidery. A lint roller is also helpful between steps to remove any frayed fabric edges after trimming. Make sure to use appliqué scissors when trimming appliqués in order to get as close as possible to the stitching line without accidentally cutting through it.

Continue with the design, placing appliqué fabrics as directed.

Choose a fun print for the Mouse clothing, and solid grays and pinks for the mouse body parts.

When embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine and the stabilizer from the hoop. Using chalk, draw 1/2″ beyond the stocking stitching lines for the seam allowance.

stocking outlined in chalk


Thread the machine with Sulky 50 wt. Cotton+Steel thread in the needle and bobbin.

Cut out the stocking front, and then use that piece to cut a stocking back and two stocking lining pieces, flipping the pattern to make sure to have right and left stockings.

Cut a rectangle from coordinating fabric measuring 3″ x 4″. Fold the long edges to meet in the center, and then fold the strip in half lengthwise; press. Topstitch along both long edges.

stitch hanging loop for stocking

Fold the hanging loop in half widthwise; pin or clip the ends. Place the ends along the outer-front stocking upper edge, against the seamline stitching. Baste the hanging-loop ends in place.

Place hanging loop on embroidered christmas stocking

Stitch one lining stocking to one outer stocking along the upper edge, using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Press the seam toward the lining.

stitch outer stockings to lining

(Press the lining fabric so it’s not wrinkled!) Place the stockings right sides together, aligning all curves; pin or clip generously.

Stitch the perimeter, leaving an opening along the lining straight outer edge for turning.

turn stocking right side out

Turn the stocking right side out.

turn embroidered christmas stocking right side out through opening

Fold the opening seam allowances toward the wrong side; pin. Hand or machine sew the lining opening shut.

sew opening shut

Stuff the lining into the outer stocking.

push lining into stocking

Press the stocking from the back. Press the front using a press cloth and low-temp iron. If desired, topstitch the stocking upper edge.

Merry Kris-Mouse Stocking


Create lots of embroidered Christmas stockings, choosing different designs included in the Merry Kris-Mouse Machine Embroidery Palette.

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