kid holiday apron pattern
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Holiday Apron to Make for Kids & Adults Too!

holiday apron for kids

Stitch a Fun Holiday Apron for a Great Gift Idea

A holiday apron makes a great pre-Christmas gift for kiddos as well as adults. Change the fabric to suit the recipient and give it as a holiday gift, personalized with embroidery, if desired.

Create an easy pattern and use and reuse it for different recipients. Incorporate machine embroidery for a fun embellishment, using designs from our Christmas, Poinsettia or Holly thread palette. Add a name or monogram for the ultimate personalization.

kid holiday apron thread

SUPPLIES (for kid’s holiday apron)


Draft the apron pattern. Measure the recipient’s chest from shoulder to shoulder, which will be the holiday apron upper edge.

Then measure the under-bust across the body front, from side seam to side seam (using the recipient’s shirt as a guide).

Next, measure from the desired apron upper edge (chest measurement) to the under-bust to determine the curve/armhole length.

Finally, measure the desired length of the apron.

Add seam allowances to each measurement. Plot the measurements onto pattern paper (the length measurement of 21″ goes from upper edge to lower edge, to clarify the images below).

holiday apron pattern plotting

Draw a curved line from the chest to under-bust plot marks. Draw a straight line from the under-bust to lower edge plot marks.

holiday apron pattern - full

Split the pattern vertically in half.

holiday apron pattern in half

Use the half pattern to cut two aprons on the fold (front and back), using the main fabric.

holiday apron patterning


Create the patchwork piece for the apron front.

Piece together different fabrics to end up with a 3 1/4″-wide piece x the apron length measurement, including seam and hem allowances (in this case, 23″).

Fold the patchwork rectangle long edges 1/4″ toward the wrong side; press.

kid holiday apron

Place the rectangle on the apron front where desired; pin.

Topstitch the patchwork rectangle to the apron.

kid holiday apron

Create the ties by folding each rectangle in half lengthwise with right sides together. Stitch the long edge and one short end.

kid holiday apron

Turn each tie right side out using a chopstick or knitting needle.

kid holiday apron

Press each tie.

Position the neck tie ends 1/2″ from the side edges, abutting the raw end with the apron upper edge; pin.

kid holiday apron

Pin the waist ties 1/2″ under the waist/curve edge, aligning the side raw edge with the tie raw end and extending the tie length toward the apron body.


Place the back apron over the front with raw edges aligned and the strap lengths secured within.

Stitch the holiday apron edges, leaving the lower edge free. Clip the corners.

kid holiday apron

Turn the holiday apron right side out through the lower edge; press. Hem the apron as desired.


If adding embroidery, position a design template onto the apron front where desired, prior to adding the patchwork rectangle.

Position the patchwork rectangle where desired or eliminate it to accommodate more embroidery elements. Topstitch the patchwork rectangle prior to embroidery. Choose to add part of the embroidery over the patchwork piece for interest!

Embroider the design(s) where desired, backing the apron front with Sulky Tear-Easy Stabilizer, switching needles to a 90/14 Organ embroidery needle, and threading the machine with Sulky Rayon in the needle and Sulky bobbin in the bobbin.

When embroidery is complete, remove the apron front from the hoop. Carefully tear away the excess stabilizer. Press the apron from the wrong side.

TIP: To avoid stretching the fabric fibers with hooping, place double-sided tape along the inner hoop ring. This prevents puckering. Make sure to not over-tighten the hoop to avoid this as well!

Finish constructing the apron per the previous instructions.

holiday apron


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