Fuzzy Heart Pillow
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Fuzzy Heart Pillow with Reverse Applique Techniques

Fuzzy Heart Pillow

Fuzzy Heart Pillow

Create a textured, fuzzy heart pillow using reversed appliqué methods and sparkly thread. This fuzzy pillow is a great accent to your Valentine’s Day décor and makes a sweet addition to a kid’s room.

Finished size: 15” square



Wash & dry the main fabric, per the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply spray starch to the main fabrics.

On the plush fabric right side, brush the pile so it’s all going in the same direction (typically down for the most pleasing look).

DID YOU KNOW? If you purchased a 2024 Mega Mystery Box, some Luxe Cuddle fabric was inside! Here’s another project idea for that fun fabric!

Spray one side of the Solvy with KK 2000 and place it, spray side down, over the plush fabric right side. Smooth to adhere, and then set aside.

Print the Heart Template and cut out the heart; set aside.

Wind a bobbin with 50 wt. Cotton Thread. Install a size 90/14 Top Stitch Needle and thread it with 30 wt. Poly Sparkle Thread.

Set the machine for a 3.0mm straight stitch.


Center the Heart Template on one main fabric right side. Transfer the heart shape to the fabric using chalk or a removable fabric marker. Carefully cut out the inner heart only. This is now the pillow front.

Place the lining fabric wrong side up on a flat work surface.

Center the plush fabric, Solvy side up, over the lining fabric.

plush fabric over lining fabric

Center the pillow front over the Solvy, aligning the main and lining fabric edges. Pin the layers together beyond the heart cut edges.

Stitch ⅛” beyond the heart cut edges to secure the three layers. If desired, add another row of stitching for extra security and/or embellishment.

Carefully tear away the Solvy from beyond the outer heart stitching line(s) on the fabric wrong side, leaving the Solvy intact inside the heart on the fabric right side. If any stabilizer remains, apply a wet cotton swab or Q-tip to the stitching line and lift up to remove. Let dry, if needed.


Install a size 70/10 Universal Needle and thread it with matching 50 wt. Cotton Thread.

Remove the pins from around the heart appliqué, and then baste the pillow front perimeter ¼” from the edge.

Place the remaining main fabric over the pillow front with right sides together and edges and corners aligned. If using a directional print, ensure the print is going in the right direction. Pin the edges.

Stitch the pillow perimeter using a ½” seam allowance. Leave a centered 5” opening along the lower edge for turning.

Trim the corners close to, but not through, the stitching.

clip corners of fuzzy heart pillow

Use a Sulky Multipurpose Turning Tool to help turn the pillow right side out and carefully push out the corners.

push out corners of fuzzy heart pillow

Stuff the pillow to the desired plumpness using polyester fiberfill.

stuffing fuzzy heart pillow

Hand stitch the opening shut using an invisible stitch, such as a whipstitch or slipstitch.

finished pillow by sewing machine

Carefully separate the Solvy from the plush fabric inside the heart. Gently tear away the Solvy from beyond the innermost stitching line. If any stabilizer remains, apply a wet cotton swab or Q-tip to the stitching line to release the stabilizer remnants.

Fluff up the plush fabric using your hand. Then, display the pillow proudly!

fluff fuzzy heart


finished pillow on couch

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  • Linda H.

    I think I would rather have a finished edge around the heart. How about using the facing style used for applique? Sew the surface fabric with another fabric (lining, interfacing, stabilizer or ?), following the heart shape. Trim the INSIDE of the heart and turn seam allowance to the inside after trimming the seam and clipping curves. You could topstitch it in place before adding to the plush or just baste it and then center it over the plush and topstitch. Add line of topstitching to attach to the plush. If it is a second line of topstitching, I would use a fancy stitch to accent the heart! My problem is that I usually would need to wash this at some point, and I wouldn’t want it to fray. Just my thing, I guess.

    • Ellen March

      Thank you for the suggestion! Great idea! I don’t mind the raw edge – the fuzzy fabric is SO plush so it hides it really well.