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My Experience at Quiltcon! - Sulky
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My Experience at Quiltcon!

When I first heard about the Modern Quilt Guild I was a little skeptical. I grew up learning how to sew from my mom and her friends who are all very traditional quilters. I am a southerner, and we like traditional down here in the south. I never in a million years would have considered myself a modern quilter…until now.

My early impression of modern quilts were quilts that didn’t take much time or talent to make. Boy! Was I wrong! I haven’t been this impressed by the work, the artistry or the enthusiasm at a quilt show in a long time. The modern quilter is a girl (or boy) who isn’t encumbered by some of quilting’s silly “rules” or patterns. The modern quilter looks at a traditional design, like Flying Geese, and does this:

Quilts from #quiltcon2015

The definition as to what makes a quilt modern is a bit loose, but my personal observations are that a modern quilt uses lots of negative space, uses fresh colors and places an emphasis on the actual quilting. The quilting of these quilts at Quiltcon in Austin, TX were amazing. Here are just a few of the examples.

Photo Feb 19, 10 20 28 AMPhoto Feb 19, 10 20 45 AMPhoto Feb 19, 10 20 59 AMPhoto Feb 19, 10 21 44 AMPhoto Feb 19, 10 22 02 AMPhoto Feb 20, 7 18 03 PMPhoto Feb 20, 7 18 09 PMPhoto Feb 21, 10 43 14 AMPhoto Feb 21, 10 43 20 AMPhoto Feb 21, 10 43 35 AMPhoto Feb 21, 10 43 41 AM

Sulky sponsored the hand quilting category of this show and I couldn’t be more happy with the winners’ quilts.

quiltcon handwork 3rdquiltcon handwork 2ndquiltcon handwork 1st

Here are close ups of each quilt as well.

quiltcon 3rd
Detail of Fill The Void by Cinzia Allocca
quiltcon 2nd
Detail of North Alabama Hillsides by Cathy Fussell
quiltcon 1st
Detail of Fuzhou Fujian by Patricia Lutteral


While we were at the show, we met lots of great people, saw some long time friends and I even got to meet one of my favorite quilting stars, Liz Porter!

Eric Drexler, Liz Porter and me!
National Sulky Educator Eric Drexler, The amazing Liz Porter and me!
Amy Barickman and I! I love her new pattern book! Click here to check it out.
Amy Barickman and I! I love her new pattern book! Click here to check it out.
This sweet girl came all the way form India just for Quiltcon!
This sweet girl came all the way from India just for Quiltcon!
quiltcon people 2
You know those cool sewing car decals that you see? This is the lady who makes them, Lynn Kraus. Check out all the cool styles here.
Isn't her shirt great?
Isn’t her shirt great?
National Educator Suzy Seed and her friend came from Houston to enjoy the show.
National Educator Suzy Seed and her friend Janelle Archer came from Houston to enjoy the show.

Overall, this was a fantastic show. The passion and energy of these quilters was contagious. I must admit, I can’t wait until next year!

Happy Sewing!

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