filled with love tea towel
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Filled with Love Tea Towel to Stitch

Filled with Love Towel

Filled with Love design


Add an adorable Filled with Love tea towel design to a blank trimmed tea towel to gift for Valentine’s Day. Start with our Cup of Tea Thread Palette, which includes 10 spools of Sulky Rayon Thread and 6 machine embroidery designs in 3 sizes.

cup of tea palette

Then grab a towel blank (choose one with a colorful border or add your own!) and Sulky Fabri-Solvy for beautiful results.

blank tea towel with colorful border


The Cup of Tea design collection contains all appliqué designs, done in the hoop of your embroidery machine. You’ll need some fabric scraps for the appliqué design portions, so choose solids that coordinate with the thread colors or fabrics with minimal print so the threadwork shines through.



The featured Cup of Tea designs come in three sizes. For the featured towel, the 4×4 hoop size was used. But, the featured towel would also accommodate the 5×7 size.

As mentioned, the featured designs are appliqué designs, done in the hoop of your embroidery machine. If not using an appliqué design, follow the same embroidery steps but omit the placement of the appliqué fabrics.

If using a towel that has a pattern, such as houndstooth, plaid or checks, an appliqué design is a good choice to ensure the thread work pops off the background.

Recipe designs or designs that are food or drink related are fun choices for towels, but truly any design works! If you’re gearing up for the big game in February, choose a licensed design that features your favorite football team. (That also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, too!)

Decide on the desired embroidery placement, and use your preferred method for marking the design center cross-marks on the towel right side.


Begin by hooping two layers of only the Fabri-Solvy stabilizer. This provides a stable surface to support the towel and stitching during embroidery.

fabri-solvy in the hoop

Spray the stabilizer with Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive. Place the chosen Filled with Love towel right side up over the hooped stabilizer, centering the marked cross marks in the hoop.

KK 2000 and towel in the hoop

Use your hand to smooth the towel in place, securing it with the temporary adhesive. Begin the design, following the color sequence chart PDF for thread color and appliqué instructions, if applicable. Be sure that the chosen appliqué fabrics completely cover the placement stitches of the design.

begin filled with love towel design

tacking stitches of Filled with Love design

After tacking stitches are complete, use appliqué scissors to trim the fabric close to the tacking stitching without clipping through it.

clipping applique fabric

Continue with the design, clipping jump threads with each thread change. (Use curved tip squeezers to easily clip jump threads without piercing the fabric beneath!)

continue Filled with Love towel design

When the design is complete, remove the stabilizer from the hoop. Trim the Fabri-Solvy close to the outer satin stitching on the Filled with Love towel wrong side.

trim stabilizer

Rinse away the remaining stabilizer, or wet a cotton swab and run it across the stitching to release it from the towel. Any stabilizer that remains within the design elements will wash away with the first towel washing.

remove stabilizer from Filled with Love wrong side


If needed, let the Filled with Love towel dry. Press gently from the wrong side, avoiding the embroidery stitching if possible.

Filled with Love Tea Towel

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