Halloween Gnome
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Halloween Gnome Cross-Stitch Chart

Halloween Gnome

Sulky Halloween Gnome Chart

a Cross-Stitch Chart by Marcia Manning of Cross Stitch Wonders

in collaboration with Sulky

Create a fun bearded gnome with a fluffy beard with this free cross-stitch chart designed by Marcia Manning of Cross Stitch Wonders. This counted cross-stitch pattern measures approximately 4 3/4″ x 4 5/16″ and has a textured, fuzzy appearance with the help of Sulky Filaineā„¢ Thread. After stitching, brush out the gnome beard and/or cat fur using a Filaine Wire Brush, fluffing the thread fibers until the desired effect is achieved.


Filaine is a 100% acrylic thread that mimics the look of wool but for a fraction of the price. It “blooms” when brushed with a wire brush to create faux fur-like effects. For the Halloween Gnome, and other handwork projects, the small 50 yard spools are perfect. One strand equals two strands of traditional floss, and since it comes on a spool there’s no tangling and knotting to deal with. (It also comes in large 435 yard spools for larger projects and/or machine embroidery applications.)

The more it is brushed, the fluffier it gets. Use our Filaine Wire Brush for best results.

gnome with supplies

Choose to brush the entire design or portions of the design, such as the gnome beard and cat only.

Halloween gnome brushed


Stitch this Halloween Gnome chart onto Aida fabric in the count of your choice. Or stitch it onto fabric, using Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch Stabilizer to print and transfer the pattern. This “stamped” cross-stitch method works well for those who don’t want to count the fibers to follow the pattern.

Use the finished embroidered cloth/fabric to create a pillow, wall art or treat bag for toting on Halloween.

Or, grab our special wooden blank, shaped specifically for this design, to stitch right onto! This is such a cool way to display the finished piece.

Halloween Gnome with Wooden Blank

However you choose to display this little guy, he is a welcomed addition to your Halloween and fall-themed decor. Show us your stitches and post pics of your finished Halloween Gnome design on social media, tagging us with #sewbetterwithsulky. And join our Facebook Group, Sulky Stitch ‘n Post to post in-progress shots, ask questions, interact with others in our community and more! We can’t wait to see what you create!

Halloween Gnome



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