Sun Sand Sea Cross Stitch Chart
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Sun Sand Sea Cross Stitch Chart & Machine Embroidery Design

Sun Sand Sea Cross Stitch Chart Freebie!

plus NEW Machine Embroidery Design

Sun Sand Sea Cross Stitch Chart

 Designed by Kate Johnson of You Too More 

This simple and fun Sun Sand Sea Cross Stitch project is easy to carry along with you on the go this summer, stitching away while traveling or lounging by the pool. Toss your supplies into a stitch pouch, resealable bag or beach tote and take off! Embellish a tote bag, kitchen towel or create hoop art with this cute design that’s sure to add some sunshine to your summer. Grab the free cross-stitch chart HERE.



Pattern Size: 100 x 100 

Fabric Count: 14 

Total Stitches: 853 

Total Colors: 6


Cross-stitch is typically done on Aida fabric, so you can count the rows and columns of the fabric weave and form X’s to create the pattern. Aida fabric comes in different counts, and this free cross-stitch chart recommends 14-count Aida fabric. This means there are 14 holes per square inch of the fabric. A size 24 handwork needle is perfect for this fabric count.

If you prefer to not use Aida fabric, instead plan to do “stamped” cross stitch. For this method, print the cross-stitch pattern only onto a sheet of Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch Stabilizer, which is water-soluble and easily removed once stitching is complete.

After printing, remove the stabilizer paper backing. Then, place the stabilizer right side down over the fabric right side. Use a stable woven fabric for best results.

Stitch the cross stitches over the pattern, following the color chart. When the cross-stitches are complete, rinse the fabric under warm running water. Do not submerge the fabric in stagnant water to avoid the ink transferring to a different part of the fabric.

After removing the stabilizer, let the fabric dry right side up on a towel. Then, press lightly to remove any wrinkles.


If handwork isn’t your preferred stitching method, we’ve got you covered! This Sun Sand Sea design is also available for machine embroidery! The machine will create all the X’s across whatever fabric you choose (again, choose a woven rather than a knit).

Sun Sand Sea Machine Embroidery

Pair the fabric with Sulky Stabilizer. If you’re not sure which stabilizer to use with your fabric, consult our Stabilizer Selector Tool. It’s a wonderful resource that will have your Sun Sand Sea Cross-Stitch design stitching beautifully in no time. Grab the machine embroidery cross-stitch design HERE.

Whether you plan to cross-stitch by hand, on Aida cloth or stamped onto another fabric, or by machine, we hope you love this project! We can’t wait to see the summer projects you create!


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