• make a bike bag for a patriotic parade

    Bike Bucket Bag for a Patriotic Parade

    Bike Bucket Bag A bike bucket bag is a great accessory if you’re headed to a patriotic bike parade to celebrate July 4. Start with the free Bike Bucket pattern by Noodlehead and add a machine embroidery motif! Try our Ride with Pride design. Further customize the bike bucket bag with a name, monogram or fun saying and make one for everyone in the family. BIKE BUCKET BAG SUPPLIES Bike Bucket Pattern Sulky Soft ‘n Sheer Extra™ Stabilizer Uncle Sam Machine Embroidery Palette (includes 7 spools of Sulky Rayon Thread, 4 spools of Sulky Poly Sparkle™ Thread and 6 patriotic-themed designs in 3 sizes) Sulky Thread: Poly Deco™ (construction) &…

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  • patriotic embroidered tee

    Machine Embroidered Tee to Celebrate the Fourth

    Machine Embroidered Tee A machine embroidered tee makes a great gift for any occasion. It’s also fun to personalize machine embroidered tees for the whole family for fun gatherings and photo ops. Here’s how to hoop a child’s tee and embroider it for summertime. MACHINE EMBROIDERED TEE SUPPLIES T-shirt Sulky Sticky+™ Stabilizer Sticky+ Slitting Pen Uncle Sam Machine Embroidery Palette (includes four Poly Sparkle & seven Rayon snap spools, plus the Uncle Sam Machine Embroidery Collection, which includes six designs in three sizes) 60 wt. Bobbin Thread Organ Embroidery Needle Assortment KK 2000™ Temporary Spray Adhesive Sulky Tender Touch™ Stabilizer Pinking shears or wavy-edge scissors HOW TO HOOP THE ‘UN-HOOPABLE”…

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  • patriotic porch pillow

    Porch Pillows for Summer Nights

    Patriotic Porch Pillows Spend summer nights outdoors with decorative porch pillows. This pillow featured our Summer Nights machine embroidery design, part of our Uncle Sam Machine Embroidery Collection. The design is modified to include vinyl and fabric appliqués for a fun design element. Note that the featured design is NOT an appliqué design, but modified as such. PORCH PILLOWS SUPPLIES *Supplies listed are enough to make one 14″ square pillow. Uncle Sam Machine Embroidery Palette (includes 11 spools of Sulky Rayon & Poly Sparkle Thread and the Uncle Sam Machine Embroidery Collection; featured design is Uncle Sam: Summer Nights) Sulky Stiffy™ Stabilizer Organ® Needles: size 80/12 Top Stitch Sulky 40…

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  • oilcloth sunscreen roll-up

    Oilcloth Sunscreen Roll-up Tutorial

    Oilcloth Sunscreen Roll-Up Get organized with this oilcloth sunscreen roll-up that stores sunscreen tubes, chapsticks and sanitizers safely and decoratively! As we splash into summer, it’s important to consider where and when we’ll be using the projects we create to make sure they aren’t damaged by water, sand and sun. Fabric choice is important: oilcloth, laminated cotton and other coated textiles are often good choices for water-resistance as well as durability. Sunscreen Roll-up This makeup brush tutorial was used to create the sunscreen roll-up, but with a few modifications. Instead of adding a vinyl layer to the cotton fabric right side, oilcloth fabric was used. Oilcloth is a stiffer fabric…

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  • Hexis in the Hoop

    Hexis in the Hoop FREE Webcast with Embroider Shoppe

    Hexis in the Hoop a free webcast with Sulky & Zandra Shaw of Embroider Shoppe JOIN US for our free webcast on June 8, 2021 at sewingonline.sulky.com! Zandra Shaw of Embroider Shoppe joins us to teach appliqué in the hoop, arranging hexagons in different ways to create pleasing designs. High-quality Sulky thread, including Poly Sparkle, complete the embroideries, with options for embellishments and cute phrases to make your projects shine. WHAT TO EXPECT During the webcast, you’ll learn how to create perfect hexagons in the hoop of your embroidery machine and combine them to create unique designs. You’ll learn how to create appliqués in the hoop, using fusible web for…

  • beach towel embroidery

    Monogram Machine Embroidery on Beach Towels

    Monogram Machine Embroidery on Beach Towels Monogram machine embroidery designs are plentiful on the internet. It’s difficult to decide which design to choose with all the options available. When embroidering towels or other heavily napped fabrics, an embossed monogram machine embroidery design is a great choice. Embossed Monogram Machine Embroidery An embossed monogram machine embroidery design results in a technique similar to trapunto. However, instead of adding a layer of batting between fabric layers to add dimension to the design, the heavyweight toweling acts as the raised portion of the design. The surrounding threads tame the fabric nap and open areas are left as the “loft” to create the 3-D…

  • orange you glad placemats - free hand embroidery patterns

    FREE Hand Embroidery Pattern for Place Mats

    Free Hand Embroidery Pattern for Place Mats Orange You Glad it’s Summer? Bring some yellows and oranges into your summer décor with this free hand embroidery pattern for place mats. Along with the free hand embroidery pattern, you’ll also get great tips for straight-line quilting. Download the free project PDF today and get started! SUPPLIES For Embroidery: Get the free designs on our Free Projects page here Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch™ – 8 1/2’’ x 11’’ – Printable Sheets Hand embroidery needle Small embroidery scissors Sulky 12 Wt. Cotton Petites – 50 yd. Spools in these colors: Almost Black Sunset Orange Flame For the Place Mats: Download the full instructions…

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  • Machine Embroidery on Swimsuits_ 10 Tips for Successful Stitchouts

    Machine Embroidery on Swimsuits: 10 Secrets of Success

    Machine Embroidery on Swimsuits Machine embroidery on swimsuits doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. With a few tips and techniques, Spandex and Lycra blends actually can behave and undergo multiple needle penetrations to produce beautiful stitchouts. Whether a two-piece or one-piece style, swimsuits offer more of a canvas to play with when it comes to machine embroidery designs. People tend to be a bit more adventurous with embellishments on swimwear, opting for fringe, bling and outlandish patterns. If you want to go big and choose a design that’s a bit outside of your comfort zone, or a design you love that won’t fit anything else in your…

  • Laser Cut Applique Kits New

    Laser Cut Appliqué Wall Art Kits for Summer Décor

    Laser cut appliqués are the coolest thing in appliqué! These precut pieces allow you to put together seemingly intricate appliquéd projects in a mere fraction of the time, cutting (pun intended) out the tedious cutting, trimming and recutting needed in most cases for a layered appliqué project, such as our Summer Simply Appliqué scene. HOW LASER CUT APPLIQUE WORKS This pattern comes with a layout sheet to aid in layering the laser cut appliqué pieces properly to achieve a beautiful end result. Use a nonstick pressing sheet to place each piece and fuse the layers in order. A lightweight table-top lightbox is also SUPER helpful for this process. Tweezers also…

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  • Summer Embroidery Projects

    3 Outdoor Embroidery Projects to Make in an Afternoon

    Summer is coming and it’s time to get the patio furniture out of hiding and gather some fun outdoor embroidery projects to jazz up your deck decor. Using blanks, like tea towels and bath towels, is one super simple way to embroider personalized projects in a fraction of the time. Weigh the cost of purchasing a blank, or set of blanks, rather than the yardage needed to create the project if the main focus is embroidery. You may save a couple of bucks along with a couple of hours (or more!) and end up with something just as sweet. Here are three ideas for outdoor embroidery projects to get your…