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Instant Pot Cover Blog Hop: Free Pattern + Soup Recipes for National Soup Month

Instant Pot Cover Blog Hop + Soup Recipes for National Soup Month

If you’re addicted to your Instant Post like I am, you’ll love having a cover for it so it can stay on your counter at all times looking pretty.

I spend more hours than I care to admit looking up recipes, trying new things, and chatting in the Instant Pot Facebook Community Group.

I used to put my pot away after each use, in the cabinet with all my other kitchen gadgets and appliances (yes, I am a kitchen gadget junkie. I should probably go to kitchen gadget rehab), but I found myself using it so much that now it just sits on my counter.

Instant Pot Cover

That is why I had to make an Instant Pot cover for her (of course she is a her, she does everything under pressure).

I wrote this pattern and then asked several friends to test it for me. The results are wonderful! Everyone infused their own creativity and style into their covers and we are sharing those with you in this blog hop!

The blog hop schedule and fellow Instant Pot Lovers are as follows:

Jan. 16 – Katrina Walker @sewkatrina on Instagram
Jan. 22 – Nicole Dakseiwicz, Modern Handcraft @modernhandcraft on Instagram
Jan. 29 – Stephanie Kendron, Modern Sewciety @modernsewciety on Instagram

Be sure to check out what they did with the pattern. They are also sharing their favorite Instant Pot soup recipes because January is National Soup Month! I have never met a soup I didn’t like, but my current favorite is this one:

Do you have a favorite soup recipe? Share the link with us in the comments!

Do you love your Instant Pot? Let me know your level of IP addiction in the comments as well. 🙂

BTW – You can get the IP Cover pattern for free! Just go here and download it. If you make one, be sure to share it with us on social media using the hashtag #SewBetterWithSulky.

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  • Mary Kathryn Endicott

    Does the plan come with an instant pot?? I’m on the fence (shhh, don’t tell your instant pot community group!) Maybe if I make the cover, I’ll get the pot!

  • Kim H.

    I am a little intimidated by my instant pot, though I did make a luscious New Year’s Black-eyed peas recipe with it. I haven’t got enough counter space to keep it out. The recipe for the most awesome Black-eyed peas is in the Frugal Gourmet cooks American. I never really liked them until I made this recipe.

  • Cindy Bauer

    Here’s my problem!!!! I find the ingredients, then no one tells what buttons to push!. And if they do state that, it never matched my buttons. I am so frustrated.

  • Linda B

    Great ideas, and love that you call her a her. Thought you missed the opportunity (slightly) to say like us she does “everything well” under pressure! Ha! We need to pat ourselves on the back! But seriously, thanks for the suggestions here…going to check out the FB group too. I have finally got hard boiled eggs down, but that is about all. Need to expand!


      I love doing my eggs in my IP. Every one (12 at a time) peels perfectly. This past week, husband was sick so I needed to make him chicken/veggie soup quick. Looked online for ideas and used frozen chicken. In less than two hours I had a delicious pot of soup that tasted like it had cooked for hours. Ended up making 3 more pots for others who are sick. That is now my go-to for delivering to sick people! The best part is being able to use frozen chicken. (I was able to pick out the icky stuff after the first cooking, chopped the chicken, and put it back in the pot with the veggies for the 2nd cooking.

    • Kelly Nagel

      Haha! You are so right Linda! Next time, I will remember to add that. (On a positive note, I did get to use this line with my hubby the other night when I was cooking with the IP!) 🙂

  • Karen Williams

    I looked thru the instructions & the blog, but you don’t say what SIZE Instant Pot this cover is for. Yes, I have 2, at the moment – I may give the 6 qt to grandson, even tho’ I find it easier to operate! Both of mine are out – one’s on the counter & other’s on the baker’s rack. So, they need covers!

  • Karen D Williams

    I forgot to mention, I use the IP app on my phone, but have found a couple of books by America’s Test Kitchen to be invaluable: 1) “Pressure Cooking” & Multi-Cooker Perfection”; another one by Milk Street, called “Fast & Slow” has some unique recipes not found anywhere else!

  • Vicki J.

    Would love the instant pot cover pattern but that link does not take me to it. I end up having to subscribe with my email and then I cannot find the pattern anywhere. Is it still available somewhere? If so, I would love a link to it.

    • Ellen March

      Thanks for bringing that to our attention! We have placed it back under Free Projects so you should be able to find it easily now.