Quilty Ornament Frames
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Quilted Ornament Frames for Holiday Gifting

Quilted Ornament Frames

by Heidi Pridemore

quilted frame ornaments 

Create fun quilted ornament frames to hang on the tree, use as gift tags, or place at each plate on the table for a holiday feast. These ornaments feature vinyl pockets to hold photos and appliquéd holiday motifs embellished with sparkly metallic threads. The ornaments measure 5″ diameter.

appliqué quilted ornaments


quilted ornament supplies


  • A:  1/4 Yard of Blue Snowflakes or Cream Confetti
  • B:  6” square of White
  • C:  6” square of Bright Blue
  • D:  6” square of Yellow
  • E:  6” square of Hot Pink
  • F:  6” square of Green
  • G: 6” square of Purple



Grab the Quilted Ornament Templates and print them out.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, trace the appliqué shapes onto the paper side of the fusible web.

transfer pattern templates for quilted ornament

Roughly cut out each shape outside the drawn lines.

paper backing of fusible web

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to press each fusible shape onto the wrong side of the listed fabrics in the cutting instructions below.

fuse the appliqué fusible web to the fabrics

Next, cut out each shape on the drawn lines.

cut out shapes

From fabric A, for each ornament, cut:   

  • (2) Circle Templates
  • (1) 2-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ strip
  • (2) 2” x 3” strips
  • (2) 2” x 3-1/2” strips

From fabric B, cut:        

  • Cut (1) Snowflake

C, cut:

  • Cut (1) Present and (1) Lid

Fabric D, cut:

  • Cut (1) Ribbon

E, cut:

  • Cut (1) Bow & Center
  • Cut (1) set of Tree Trims

Fabric F, cut:

  • Cut (1) Tree

G, cut:

  • Cut (1) Trunk


Assemble each design onto the center of one Fabric A circle.

center each appliqué

(Optionally use the placement drawing and an appliqué pressing sheet to assemble each design before pressing to the Fabric A circle.)

cut out shapes

Using a Top Stitch Needle and the assorted metallic threads, finish the edges of each appliqué shape and to quilt as desired to finish the ornament front. Choose your favorite decorative stitch for the appliqué perimeter, and add detail stitches inside the appliqué shapes. Swap thread colors for interest and fun!


First, fold one 2” x 3” Fabric A strip in half lengthwise; press. Then, unfold the fabric and fold each long edge to meet at the creased center line; press. Fold the pressed fabric in half along the previous foldline and press to make one ½” x 3” side strip.

folding hanging loop

Fold in the short ends of one 2” x 3 ½” Fabric A strip a ¼”;press. Then, fold the strip in half lengthwise; press. Next, open the folded fabric and fold each long edge to the creased center line and press. Then, fold the pressed fabric in half again and press to make one ½” x 3” top strip. Repeat with the second 2” x 3 ½” Fabric A strip to make one ½” x 3” bottom strip.

Next, slide the 3” piece of vinyl into one folded 3” Fabric A side strip. Make sure the vinyl edge is up against the fold. Then, topstitch down the edge closest to the vinyl to finish one side of the vinyl frame. Repeat, stitching the second folded 3” Fabric A side strip and opposite side of the vinyl.

adding vinyl to strips

To make the frame unit, repeat Step 7 with the top and bottom Fabric A strips and the remaining two sides of the vinyl.

finish frames

To add the frame to the quilted ornament, center the frame unit onto the center of the second Fabric A circle. Then, topstitch the frame to the circle down each side and across the bottom to make the ornament back.

gather quilty ornament components


Repeat Step 5, with the (1) 2 ½” x 8 ½” Fabric A strip. Then topstitch down both long sides 1/8″ in from the edge to make the ornament hanger.

Next, fold the Ornament Hanger in half and center it at the top of each ornament front, aligning the raw edges of the loop with the raw edgers of the circle and clip in place. Place the ornament front on top of the ornament back, right sides together, with the loop in the center. Then, clip the layers together.

sandwich hanger between ornament pieces

Next, stitch the layers along the perimeter, leaving a 3” opening for turning. Finally, turn each ornament right side out through the opening.

stitch ornament layers

Then, lightly stuff each ornament with fiberfill.

stuff each quilted ornament

Next, clip the opening closed and hand sew it closed to complete the ornament.

hand sew ornaments closed

Lastly, insert a photo of your choice or to/from tag into each vinyl frame, and then gift the ornaments to each child, grandchild, friend or family member for the holidays! These make great gift tags that do dual duty as ornaments after gifting, too. Additionally, use the appliqué templates to create a matching tree skirt or pretty napkins to tie the quilted ornament look into your décor.

finished quilted ornaments

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