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Sewing Themed Mini Pillow for National Sewing Month

Sewing Themed Mini Pillow

Sewing Themed Mini Pillow

a shelf sitter for your sewing room

Sewing themed anything is fun for your sewing space, and this mini pillow is no exception! Embroider a fun sewing themed design onto a Felty™ base, and then choose a fun sewing-themed fabric print and mini pom-pom trim. Gift this to a sewing buddy or fellow guild member, or display it proudle in your sewing room to celebrate National Sewing Month!

pillow supplies



From the sewing themed print cotton fabric, cut one 6 3/4″ x 8″ rectangle for the pillow back, two 1 3/4″ x 4 1/4″ rectangles for the short pillow borders and two 1 3/4″ x 8″ rectangles for the long pillow borders.

From the pom-pom fringe, cut one 31 1/2″ length.


Load the chosen design into the embroidery machine. Wind a bobbin with Sulky Bobbin Thread. Install a size 80/12 Microtex Needle. Thread the needle with the first thread color in the design.

Note: If needed, swap thread colors to match the Felty chosen for the pillow. For the featured design, a darker teal thread was chosen after stitching the recommended color, as it blended into the Felty color and resulted in poor visibility.

Hoop a piece of Sulky Sticky+ Stabilizer with the paper side facing up.

hooping Sticky+ Stabilizer

Score the paper within the inner hoop frame using the Sticky+ Slitting Pen.

Carefully tear away the paper backing along the scored lines to reveal the adhesive.

Place the Felty sheet on the sticky stabilizer surface, centering the desired design area. Use the placement method of your choice to ensure proper placement.

Felty stuck to stabilizer

Insert the hoop onto the machine. Then, embroider the design, clipping jump threads with each thread change using the Curved Tip Squeezers.

clipping design jump threads

When embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine and the stabilizer from the hoop. Carefully tear away the stabilizer beyond the design perimeter.

tear away Sticky+ stabilizer


Trim the embroidered Felty to 6 3/4″ x 8″, centering the design as desired.

trim pillow front fabric

Fold one long edge of each long border rectangle 1/2″ toward the wrong side; press using a Clover Hot Ruler for a crisp, even foldline.

Repeat to fold one long edge of each short border rectangle.

short borders folded

Note: If using a directional print, be sure to fold the edge that will border the embroidery and place the print accordingly.

long borders folded

Place each long border along the upper and lower Felty edge, aligning the long raw edges and making sure the embroidery stitches aren’t covered by the fabric folded edges. If the folded fabric edge conceals any of the embroidery stitches, create a wider fold and then adjust the side border folds to match.

Center each short border along the Felty short edges, tucking the raw ends under the long borders.

borders placed onto pillow front

Pin the borders in place.

borders pinned in place

Next, topstitch along the border foldlines.

Then, baste the outer perimeter using a 1/8″ seam allowance.

basting complete


Place one pom-pom trim end 1/2″ beyond the lower-right corner. Baste the trim to the Felty perimeter, following the previous basting stitches.

basting trim to sewing themed pillow front

At the pom-pom trim opposite end, overlap the ends by 1/2″, criss-crossing the trim at the Felty corner.

criss-cross trim ends

After the trim basting is complete, trim the pom-pom trim at the overlapped corner to reduce bulk.

Next, place the backing rectangle right side up over the batting rectangle. Use KK 2000 to secure.

spray baste pillow backing to batting

Then, center the Felty rectangle over the backing rectangle with right sides together; pin.

pin and stitch pillow perimeter

Stitch the perimeter using a 3/8″ seam allowance. Leave a 2 1/2″ opening along the lower edge for turning.

Next, clip the corners, being careful to not clip the stitching.

Then turn the pillow right side out through the opening.

Finally, stuff with fiberfill until plump.

add stuffing to pillow

Hand sew the opening closed.

hand sewing the pillow opening closed

Enjoy the pillow and celebrate your love of sewing!

sewing themed pillow

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