costume face masks
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Costume Face Masks to Sew for Halloween

Costume Face Masks

costume face mask mask-o-lantern

A costume face mask is a great project to sew for Halloween. Whether you choose to dress up in a matching outfit or not, a costume face mask gets you in the spooky spirit for work parties, grocery shopping or trick-or-treating with the kiddos. Choose from a Mask-o-Lantern, Skeleton Smile, Mustache or Lips for the mask appliqué, and secure to the mask using Sulky Perfect Appliqué Fusible Web (available soon!) and high-quality 50 wt. Cotton Thread.



Use your favorite face mask pattern or find one here. Follow the link to print the full mask pattern from, which was used for the featured sample. It requires about 10″ x 12″ of fabric for the front and lining pieces. If using a different face mask pattern, make sure to have a front and a lining to conceal the appliqué stitching between the layers.

Ribbon is used for the face mask ties. If desired, substitute elastic if that’s more comfortable or easy to use.

Cut out the mask front and lining pieces, using your preferred face mask pattern. Include seam allowances if the pattern directs.

face mask costume pattern cutting

If the face mask front is in two pieces, stitch them together as directed by the pattern to create a front and lining piece using Sulky 50 wt. Cotton Thread that matches the mask fabric. Press open the center mask seam, if applicable.

TIP: Cut out the pattern using pinking shears to avoid having to clip all the curves and corners!


Choose from the Mask-o-Lantern, Skeleton Smile, Mustache or Lips from the free Sulky Halloween Mask Faces Pattern. Trace the pattern to the paper side of the fusible web. Fuse the fusible web to the appliqué fabric wrong side using a low to medium-temp iron.

mask-o-lantern applique pieces

Cut out each appliqué piece.

mask appliqué pieces

Remove the paper backing of each appliqué piece. Position the appliqué pieces on the mask front where desired.

place mask applique pieces

If the mask pattern has a curved front, as shown, use a pressing ham when fusing each appliqué piece in place. If you don’t have a pressing ham, make one by rolling up a piece of fabric and placing it under the mask so it keeps its shape.

After fusing, thread the needle and wind a bobbin with 50 wt Cotton Thread in a thread color that matches the appliqué pieces. The Halloween Haunt thread assortment contains six spools of thread in great Halloween-themed colors.

Set the machine for a decorative stitch or blanket stitch. Shorten the stitch length to 2.0mm or 2.5mm. Stitch along each appliqué raw edge to further secure it and add a decorative touch.


Pin the ribbon ends to the face mask front where indicated by the pattern. Place the face mask lining right side facing the face mask front, with the ribbon ends sandwiched between. Make sure the ribbon lengths are tucked inside and away from the next stitching step.

insert ribbon ends

Alternatively, if using elastic, pin or clip the elastic ends in place between the layers.

Set the machine for a straight stitch and sew the masks together, leaving a 3″ opening along one lower edge for turning.

stitch face masks together

stitch ribbon ties

Turn the face mask right side out through the opening.

turn mask right side out

Use Wonder Clips or pins to secure the opening closed.

pin opening shut

Hand sew the opening closed using a slipstitch or other invisible stitch.

hand sewing opening shut

Press the mask perimeter, again using a pressing ham or rolled piece of fabric to keep its shape.

Put it on your favorite trick-or-treater or wear it yourself!

kid wearing costume face mask

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  • Karen

    I can’t find the link for the mask pattern. The link above goes to the pleated mask pattern and I know that’s not what was used for the video.

    • Ellen March

      Under the pleated mask tutorial is the link to the mask used for this project. Keep scrolling and you’ll find it!