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New Metallic Thread & Free Embroidery Design on Holly Bag

New Metallic Thread, You Ask?

new metallic thread detail

Yes, that’s right! Poly Star™, a new 30 wt. metallic-flecked thread is now available at sulky.com! This thread is polyester with “stars” of metallic running through it. If you’ve ever had difficulty sewing with metallic thread, this one’s for you.


At 30 wt., this thread is heavier than the traditional Sulky Original Metallic, Holoshimmer™ and Sliver™ varieties, giving more coverage for free-motion work and machine embroidery. And with only flecks of metallic, the thread withstands more friction and tension, resulting in little to no thread breakage with high speed stitching.

Use a size 90/14 needle when stitching the new metallic thread, Poly Star. A 90/14 Embroidery, Top Stitch or Titanium Organ® needle works well, depending on desired techniques and fabrics.

Try using Poly Star for decorative topstitching to add a touch of glitz to your project. Featured on It’s Sew Easy, this thread is now available in 290-yard spools in 54 color combinations, with options for different metallic fleck colors, too!


When using Poly Star for machine embroidery, make sure the design is fairly open rather than dense. It’s even better (best) to choose a design that’s digitized for 30 wt. thread to ensure the stitches are long enough and spaced far enough apart to accommodate the thread thickness.

The Sulky Mandala design, free to download from Aug 18-Sept 18, 2020, is digitized for 30 wt. thread. The Poly Star looks beautiful with this design, which works well on the Sallie Tomato Holly Bag pattern. The sparkle of the featured cork fabric is further accentuated by the Poly Star flecks, tying the design together.

metallic thread on bag


When planning the embroidery placement, cut the accent piece (out of cork, faux leather or other heavyweight fabric) and place it on the main fabric. Then place the hoop where the design is desired and mark the hoop cross marks and/or the design center axis. Then remove the accent piece.

embroidery placement with new metallic thread

Hoop the fabric with Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch™ to give the bag body and support the embroidery, using the hoop markings to ensure proper placement.

Embroider the design, using Poly Star in the needle and Sulky bobbin thread in the bobbin. The featured Poly Star color is Dove Gray with Silver Sparkle. Choose the color and sparkle option you like best!

finished embroidery with new metallic thread

Place the accent piece on top of the fabric after embroidery is complete. Ensure the embroidery is centered where desired, and then cut the main piece using the Holly pattern.

Interface the opposite bag side with Fuse ‘n Stitch, and then place the accent strips on top. Use quilt clips to secure, as pins will mar the cork or faux leather fabrics.

sew accent piece

Topstitch the accent pieces to the fabrics using the Poly Star thread. The extra sparkle is everything!

metallic thread bag

If you love the Holly bag, you’re sure to love the Scarlett Hobo bag, also featuring embroidery with Poly Star thread. Grab a Hobo Cork fabric bag kit, including the pattern, cork fabric, thread, hardware and notions.

cork tote with new metallic thread embroidery

Featured embroidery design on bag above: built-in Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 2, modified

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