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How to Use Sulky Puffy Foam

How to use PUFFY FOAM

How to Use Sulky Puffy Foam

Hey guys! It’s Valentine’s week and we are full of love and hearts in my house. I was browsing through some designs and found this cool heart and since the description says it is digitized for Sulky Puffy Foam™ I thought it would a great time to try out Puffy Foam for myself!

Sulky #PuffyFoam heart

I own some Puffy Foam (OK, I own a lot of it), but I have never used it! I don’t know why, I just haven’t so today, I decided to try it. Here is how it works.

Since I embroidered this onto fleece, I used Sulky Soft ‘n Sheer™ as the stabilizer. I hooped it with the fleece and then used Sulky KK 2000™ Temporary Spray Adhesive to adhere the Puffy Foam to the top of the fleece. (OK. Full Disclosure. I know my hoop is dirty. I know I should clean it, but I was trying to get these hearts done for Valentine’s Day! Thank you for understanding.)

Sulky KK 2000 & #PuffyFoam

Then, I stitched it out with Sulky 40 wt Rayon in Hot Pink (I love pink!)

Puffy Foam embroidery

I was nervous watching it stitch. I was worried the Puffy Foam would interfere with the stitching, but it didn’t! Everything stitched out great and it was so fun to watch.

Puffy Foam Embroidery stitching

After the stitching, came the really fun part! I pulled off the excess Puffy Foam and was amazed at how perfectly it came off!

Puffy Foam 2

Take off the #PuffyFoam

The few pieces that were left in the tight spaces, I was able to get out with my stiletto.

Puffy Foam detail

The result are great! I don’t think I will be afraid of Puffy Foam any more.

Sulky #PuffyFoam heart

Happy Sewing and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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