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Using Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens

Using Sulky Transfer Pens

One of my favorite time saving tools when doing a project is Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens. They are permanent-ink fabric pens and are perfect for transferring a shape that needs to be cut out of fabric. I recently used one when I was making this little sock monkey snack mat from Eazy Peazy Quilts. I needed the pens to transfer the pattern of the monkey ears to my fabric.

Sulky transfer pens as pattern

First I picked an ink color that I knew would show up on the back of my fabric but not show through. I chose green.

Sulky transfer pen 1

Next I traced over the ear on the original pattern.

Sulky transfer pen 2

Once I trace the pattern, I was ready to prepare my fabric for the transfer. I start by warming up the wrong side of the fabric with the iron. If the fabric is warm, it will take the ink better from the transfer.

sulky transfer pen heat fabric first

Then I turned the pattern that I had traced over, so the pattern side of the paper is laying on the wrong side of the fabric, and I pressed the paper. I didn’t move the iron around, just pressed. If you move the iron, you will likely move the paper underneath which will cause a blurred line to transfer.

Sulky transfer pen iron the transfer

When I lifted the iron up, I was able to see the transfer ink was darker through the paper which was a good clue that the transfer was successful, but I did hold the pattern in place and just lift up a corner to be sure the transfer was complete.

sulky transfer pen ink on paper

Look! Here is my first monkey ear!

sulky transfer pen done 2

I then simply moved the pattern over and repeated the pressing process for the second ear. I can get numerous transfers from one tracing.

sulky transfer pen done 1

After my monkey ears were transferred, I cut on the line and followed the pattern directions to add them to my monkey snack mat. It made a cute little project quick and easy!

sulky sock monkey snack mat

Have you tried Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens yet? What do you think?

Happy Sewing!

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