festive apron for cinco de mayo
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Embroidered Apron for your Favorite Mixologist

Embroidered Apron for Margarita Nightembroidered apron with margarita motif

An embroidered apron with colorful margarita motifs is just the ticket for Happy Hour mixology. Whether you’re mixing up the “virgin” variety or a full-strength cocktail, Taco Tuesday and/or Cinco de Mayo will be that much more festive with this colorful accessory.


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Measure the available embroidery space on the apron front to determine the embroidery design size. The featured apron blank had an available space of 4.5″ x 7″ along the upper front area. So, the Margarita Clothesline design in the smallest available size was a great choice.

embroidered apron design choice

The curved shape of the design upper edge also gives the apron more “shape,” albeit a trick of the eye. But other border-type designs work great on embroidered aprons as well.

Sweet Drinks and Cocktails, also by Embroidery Library, is another fun drink-themed embroidery design that showcases different types of cocktails and mocktails. The width is similar to that of the Margarita Clothesline design, but it’s only 2.52″ tall. Place designs like this closer to the apron upper-edge hem to draw the eye upward when wearing the apron.

embroidery design option for apron


Hoop a piece of Sulky Sticky+ Stabilizer in the hoop, with the paper side facing up.

Load the design into the machine. Before beginning, add a design perimeter basting stitch to the design.

perimeter basting function on screen

Then, place the hoop onto the machine.

With the first Sulky Rayon Thread color threaded in the needle and Sulky Bobbin Thread in the bobbin, perform the perimeter basting stitch directly onto the stabilizer. Then, remove the hoop from the machine or move the hoop to the “trim position.”

Using the Sticky+ Slitting Pen, follow the needle penetrations used for the basting stitch. The Pen will slice through only the paper backing without slicing through the stabilizer or the stitching.

slicing through basting stitches

Next, remove the paper backing within the basting box.


Determine the desired placement for the embroidery on the apron. Mark the center vertical and horizontal axis on the apron right side, using a removable fabric marker.

determine apron embroidery placement

Place the apron on the hooped stabilizer, centering the design axis. Use the basting box to aid in perfect placement.

apron on hooped stabilizer

If desired, perform the basting color stop again to tack the apron to the stabilizer and double-check the design placement. Or continue with the next step.


Embroider the design, clipping jump threads with each thread change.

embroidering apron

Be sure to also clip jump threads on the hoop underside with each thread change, using Curved Tip Squeezers. This keeps the design wrong side nice and tidy, as it’s not covered by a lining when worn.

When the embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine.

completed embroidery on apron

Gently tear away the stabilizer beyond the design perimeter.

tear away sticky+ stabilizer beyond apron design

After the stabilizer is removed, remove the fabric marker by following the manufacturer’s directions. Then, press the apron from the wrong side, avoiding the embroidery.

Gift the apron to your favorite bartender or wear it yourself to a Cinco de Mayo soiree!

embroidered apron for Cinco de Mayo

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