• Embroider a Sunhat

    Embroider a Sunhat for Summer

    How to Embroider a Sunhat Embroider a sunhat for wearing on summer days, taking on vacation and gifting to a bride-to-be, bachelorette party, friend group. The hat brim is easily personalized with a name or phrase, such as “Miss to Mrs,” “Beach, Please,” or the featured “Vacay Vibes.” Read on to learn how to embroider a sunhat easily using Sulky Cotton Petites Thread and Stick ‘n Stitch Stabilizer. If you’re headed to Bali with us this October, make yourself an embroidered sunhat and bring it along! (DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING FOR THIS FABULOUS BALI SULKY TRIP IS QUICKLY APPROACHING! FIND OUT MORE HERE>.) SUNHAT SUPPLIES Wide-brim sunhat (like this, this or…

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  • How to Embroider Towels Session

    How to Embroider Towels with Videos + Designs

    Learn How to Embroider Towels with comprehensive videos + five different designs! HOW TO EMBROIDER TOWELS – SULKY SESSION Embroider all the towels with confidence! Learn how to embroider different towel types with extensive video tutorials, written instructions and downloadable designs that are perfect for gift giving, memorable dinner parties and kitchen and bath décor. REGISTER NOW>> You’ll learn the recommended thread, needle and stabilizer to use to embellish a variety of towels, from lightweight linen to plush velour, with tips for using different design types, such as appliqué, embossed and lace. This Session will help you embroider BATH TOWELS, BEACH TOWELS, LINEN TOWELS, WAFFLE WEAVE TOWELS, TEA TOWELS, GOLF TOWELS,…

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  • yarn embroidery on sweater

    Yarn Embroidery on Chunky Sweater

    Yarn Embroidery Yarn embroidery is the latest trend for chunky sweaters on children’s, kids’ and adult garments. Use Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch to transfer the name or phrase of your choice onto an open-weave sweater, and then stitch through all layers using chunky yarn. The result is boutique-worthy, soft and stylish. YARN EMBROIDERY SUPPLIES Open-weave sweater (featured sweater is made of 100% polyester yarn with metallic thread accents) Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch™ Stabilizer Sheets Chunky yarn, such as chenille (approx 100g weight) Large-eye plastic yarn needle The supply list above contains affiliate links. Sulky may receive a commission if you make a purchase through these links. DESIGN CHOICE & TRANSFER…

  • stitched card with embroidery

    Stitched Card with Embroidery and Decorative Stitching

    Stitched Card for Valentine’s Day Add machine embroidery to a stitched card along with decorative stitches for a personalized Valentine for a sweet friend. STITCHED CARD SUPPLIES Sulky Felty™ Organ® size 75/11 Embroidery Needle Conver”sew”tion Heart Machine Embroidery Palette (includes 20 designs & 10 Rayon Thread spools) 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ fabric rectangle Sulky Tear-Easy™ Stabilizer 60 wt. Bobbin Thread 5×7 Card & Envelope (or 5″ x 10″ piece of cardstock folded in half) KK 2000™ Temporary Spray Adhesive Magnetic Hoop (optional) MACHINE EMBROIDERY Load the chosen design into the machine. The featured “QT Quilter” design is from our Conver”sew”tion Heart Machine Embroidery Collection. Wind a bobbin with 60…

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  • how to embroider a rope basket

    Creative Rope Basket – How to Embroider & Personalize

    Jump on the creative Rope Basket trend! This on-demand Session activates September 12, 2023. Reserve your spot today! Rope baskets are back and better than ever! Learn the best construction method and how to embroider directly onto the rope base to create a fun & functional basket for your office, sewing room & more. Plus, you’ll learn how to add designer touches, such as different handles, fabric strips & inserts, a sturdy base (with or without feet) & finishing flourishes to your creative rope basket. The featured sewing-themed design, Vibrant Notions Wreath shown above, is FREE for all Session registrants, courtesy of Embroidery Library & Urban Threads! This design comes in two sizes (for a 4×4…

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  • festive apron for cinco de mayo

    Embroidered Apron for your Favorite Mixologist

    Embroidered Apron for Margarita Night An embroidered apron with colorful margarita motifs is just the ticket for Happy Hour mixology. Whether you’re mixing up the “virgin” variety or a full-strength cocktail, Taco Tuesday and/or Cinco de Mayo will be that much more festive with this colorful accessory. EMBROIDERED APRON SUPPLIES Apron blank (Or try your hand at making your own apron with our simple tutorial HERE.) Embroidery design (featured design is Margarita Clothesline by Embroidery Library, 6.85″ x 4.18″) Sulky Thread: Poly Deco™, Bobbin Sticky+™ Stabilizer Sticky+ Slitting Pen Curved Tip Squeezers Removable fabric marker Magnetic Hoop (optional) The above supply list contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission…

  • Denim Embroidery

    Denim Embroidery Digs – Tips, Tricks & Takeaways

    Denim Embroidery Tips for Machine Embroidery on Denim Garments Denim embroidery is striking, colorful and just plain fun. Denim is a great canvas for embroidery designs because it’s a stable, heavyweight fabric that can take a lot of stitches without puckering, buckling or show-through. Here’s how to prepare your denim, jeans, jean jackets and more for machine embroidery. DESIGN CHOICE There are loads of great choices for denim embroidery. Choose designs with lots of fill stitches, dense stitching and even appliqué embroidery designs. Steer clear of line-art style designs, unless they’re digitized for heavyweight threads. These designs are easily lost in the heavyweight fabric fibers and you’ll want the embroidery…

  • DIY Lounge Wrap Sewing Session

    Garment Sewing for Beginners & Beyond

    Garment Sewing – Yes, you can! If it’s been a while since you did any garment sewing, or you’ve never tried sewing a garment, now’s the time to give it a try! In the second Summer Sewing Session of 2021, beginning August 2, sewing star Meg Healy will teach you how to draft, sew and embellish the all-new DIY Lounge Wrap pattern. The Session is $14.99 for a limited time (you must register before Aug 2 to get this discount!), and then it goes up to $19.99 (still a great value!). Pattern Particulars This garment sewing pattern is a loose-fitting wrap, easily dressed up or down depending on the fabric…

  • Sulky Born Free Embroiderd Baby Onesie

    Embroidered Baby Onesie with Patriotic Pride

      Hand Embroidered Baby Onesie for Memorial Day or July 4 Add a special patriotic phrase to a baby onesie for Memorial Day or July 4 festivities. Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Petites™ thread is the perfect substitute for embroidery floss, as it’s on a spool so doesn’t tangle like pesky floss can. Plus, one strand of Petites equals two strands of traditional embroidery floss, so there’s less thread to contend with as you embroider. If you’re new to hand embroidery or want a video tutorial for using the Cotton Petites and Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch, look to our Hand Embroidery for Kids video series. (Kids of any age, or kids…

  • Salley Mavor

    Salley Mavor of Wee Folk Studio talks Artwork & Embroidery

    Salley Mavor, Wee Folk Studio, Featured Artist We sat down with Salley Mavor of Wee Folk Studio to learn about her handwork creations. Salley creates embroidered artwork that’s photographed and reproduced in children’s books. Her pieces are truly remarkable. Read on to learn more! How do you describe your art? A needle is my tool, thread is my medium and stitches are my marks. My artwork is decorative and detailed, full of patterns and found objects, all bound together with stitching. I create sculptural scenes in bas-relief, much like miniature, shallow stage sets, with figures imposed on embellished fabric backgrounds. There is a certain over-the-top quality to my work that…