Rainbow Felt Wreath
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Rainbow Felt Wreath with Hand Embroidery

With so much rain (and even snow) in much of the country we’re looking for the rainbows and sunny days ahead! Whip up a rainbow felt wreath to bring some color to your front door and start searching for that pot of gold.

Rebecca Greco shares just how fun and easy making this rainbow felt wreath is. Not only does it only take a few hours to stitch, it doesn’t require many materials, either. Make one for a retiring teacher or lunch helper to say goodbye once school is out for summer – or one for yourself! Add an initial or monogram to the center for even more personalization.

rainbow felt wreath

This rainbow felt wreath is easily customized for any holiday just by changing the colors. Stitching the leaves in all shades of green makes a great alternative to the rainbow felt wreath. Choose all shades of purple for a different look. Or switch from reds to yellows for a sunrise/sunset wreath. Using gorgeous Sulky Cotton Petites thread colors is the way to go in any case.

thread for rainbow felt wreath

from Rebecca:

I love stitching on wool felt and Sulky Cotton Petites are perfect with it. My favorite wool felt comes from Benzie Design, and this project is perfect for using up even little scraps. Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy makes cutting out the wool felt so much easier.

You can download a template for the leaves. There are two options for these: You can use the template lines to stitch the leaves, rinse off the Sticky Fabri-Solvy, and then stitch the leaves down. Or, after cutting out the leaves, remove the paper and stitch the lines onto the leaves while you stitch them down. I did use a little bit of a washable glue (KK 2000 works great!) to keep the leaves in place, and I did a few at a time.

leaves for rainbow felt wreath

I used wool felt as the background of my wreath, but you could also customize this further by using fabric.

finished rainbow felt wreath

detail of rainbow felt wreath

Rebecca’s blog is Hugs Are Fun¬†and you can find her on Instagram at @hugsarefun

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